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Branding and Visual ldentity

Visual identity is the essence of you brand. It is how your clients recognize you and connect with you.

It is imperative to keep in mind that the logo is the first contact your client has with your brand. It is the embodiment of all the values and pillars of the company.

That is why it is crucial to create a unique and distinctive visual identity for your brand to stand out!

How we work

The client fills in the briefing.

This is how we can better understand the brand, its values, principles, and foundations. The more complete and explained the briefing, the better understanding of the brand at the time of creation.


Creation and first approvals.

Once we have completed our studies, we start with the creation. We prepare the first options for the client's appraisal. We present the concept and explain the whole process. And if changes are required, do not worry. There are no limits to the number of modifications. The client must be satisfied with the result.


Market research and concept.

For each brand to be unique and convey the message correctly, this is one of the most decisive steps. We examine your competitors and learn about the audience we want to reach. Then, we can start with the creation.


Final adjustments and delivery of the files.

Once the logo is approved, we make the final adjustments to achieve perfection and send you all the necessary files.

Final delivery includes logo files in all required formats, a brand visual identity guide, and the board of inspiration and studies.

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